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Lycoming engine 0-360-B2C

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Lycoming engine 0-360-B2C (Ref: 207)

Summary Picture
Lycoming engine 0-360-B2C
From R22 Beta
Total Hours 450
Price All offers considered



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1276254449.jpg 1276254976.jpg 1276254466.jpg 1276254473.jpg 1276254480.jpg 1276254502.jpg



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1276254328.jpg 1276254337.jpg 1276254346.jpg 1276254356.jpg 1276254365.jpg 1276254374.jpg 1276254384.jpg 1276254395.jpg


This engine is from an R22 Beta II which rolled over. In 2007 the engine was stripped down and inspected and now has a total time of 450 hours.

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