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Welcome to FlyQ

We're here to de-mystify the art of flying. Whether you want to buy, rent, learn, fly or just talk, we want to make it easy. If we haven't, contact us and ask us anything you want. We hope you enjoy looking.

What do we do?

We're enthusiasts, as well! So we know the whole rigmarole of finding a community with like-minded people. We love to talk flying, and you'll never be boring us, so you can feel free to ask us anything you like.

Talking isn't the only thing we do. Fly-Q can be your one stop shop for all things aviation, whether you're looking to Buy an aircraft, Invest in an aviation business where your hobby could turn profitable or even look for flying friends to go off and fly with. There's a whole lot more here at Fly-Q, so go and discover!

Who are we?

We're Fly-Q and we're based in Leominster, Herefordshire. Our helicopters are based at Cardiff Heliport, Kemble Airfield and Shobdon Aerodrome.

Over the last couple of years we have sold over 100 helicopters to buyers across the world from Belgium to Texas, Ireland to the Middle East, Italy to Australia.

We mainly sell R22, R44, Agusta 109 and Bell 206, but we are regularly asked to sell other types. Just see what we have in stock now:
Robinson - 6 (1 R22's and 3 R44's)
Bell (inc Agusta) - 4
Eurocopter - 1
Sikorsky - 1
Others - 1
Total: 13!

Wanted Section

arrow Bell 206 required, minimum 12 month lease and 300 hrs, prepared to pay for full respray and interior if necessary.

arrow We are looking for a +2 year old Bell 407 EASA certified

arrow Robinson R22 Beta with 7+ years and 800 hrs remaining

Click here to view all wanted ads. If you have any aircraft maching the above, contact us now.

Spotlight on - C016-7 M/R blade crack

Robinson R44 Safety Alert  -  RHC has received a report of an R44 C016-7 main rotor blade fatigue crack where the blade chord transitions to the extended chord.  Careful visual inspection of this area during preflight will provide early detection and prevent a catastrophic failure.......

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Latest Listings

Agusta AW139 - NEW
Ref: 313
Cost: Price on application

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A few of our aircraft, click here for more:

Robinson R66 Turbine
Ref: 370
Cost: $855,000

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Agusta AW139 - NEW
Ref: 313
Cost: Price on application

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Robinson R44 Clipper II
Ref: 397
Cost: Ask + VAT

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