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Agusta AW139

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Agusta AW139 (Ref: 311)

Summary Picture
Aircraft Type Agusta AW139
Year of Manufacture 2008
Total hours 680
Config VIP
Price $11.5m


White and grey with red line

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Light crème leather

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2008 Agusta AW139 - TT 680hrs

Configuration :

  • Thermo acustic double layer tinted windows
  • Coat hangers (6)
  • Emergency floats provision
  • Emergency Floats removable parts
  • MVA
  • ADELT (in lieu of standard ELT)
  • 4-axis Digital Automatic Flight Control System (add. To std 3-axis)
  • EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System) provision
  • EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System) kit
  • Weather radar (Primus 660) provision
  • Weather radar (Primus 660)kit
  • Moving Map Euronav IV provision
  • Moving Map Euronav IV (with 5th display) removable parts
  • TCAS I provision
  • TCAS Bendix/King
  • Auxiliary fuel tank 132 USG provision
  • Auxiliary fuel tank 132 USG removable parts
  • Heated glass windshield
  • Particle separator (EAPS) provision
  • Particle separator (EAPS) removable parts
  • LH and RH electrically operated passenger steps with light
  • Kit auxiliary battery 27A/h (in lieu of 13 A/h)
  • External painting
  • Increase gross weight (6800Kg)



  • VIP interior cabin basic settlement including:
  • Standard passenger cabin ceiling liners
  • Composite liners leather/leatherette covered
  • Dome lights
  • Moquette finishing on cabin floor
  • Cabin handles
  • Cabin loudspeakers
  • Passenger cabin thermo acustic double layer tinted windows
  • Ripple damper
  • Super silent main gearbox
  • Vibration absorber (3rd mass)
  • Nose landing gear door
  • Super silent soundproofing
  • ICS in cabin for all passengers
  • Air conditioning system


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