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Robinson R44 Raven II

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Robinson R44 Raven II (Ref: 393)

Summary Picture
Aircraft Type Robinson R44 Raven II
Year of Manufacture 2007
Total hours 1750hrs
Hours remaining 450hrs
Total years 10
Years remaining 2
Overhaul due April 2019
Price £145,000 VAT Paid



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Tan leather

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2007 Robinson R44 Raven II with 1760 hours TT. Overhaul due April 2019.

With just under 450 hours to go, and 2 years to do them in, 393 is the perfect machine for a private owner who is going to fly mainly for fun with the occasional bit of business travel, or perhaps to share the hours with one other pilot.

It is also VAT Paid which is another great thing for a private pilot - we are looking for offers based on £145,000 VAT Paid, and as usual we’ll put any sensible offers forward for the owner’s consideration.

The nearest airports are Belfast City (BHD) and International (BFS), we'll be delighted to help you with your travel arrangements if you want to come and view this aircraft.

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If you are interested in this helicopter, or would like to know more, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to assist. Quickly and simply, get in touch with us quoting Ref: 393

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