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We're here to help you discover the world of aviation, whether you're a pilot or a budding pilot.

Flights we have made!

A selection of flights we have made recently.
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Networking And Organised Trips

We are pilots too, so we know that sometimes it's nice just to go places with other people. It's good for confidence, and it's great fun. Fly-Q organises trips every year. You'll meet new people and learn new skills.
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Fly And Drive Yourself

Strange though it may seem, the lack of ground transport once you've landed can be a real hassle. With our connections with car hire companies, we've arranged a really good deal. What's more, if you let us know your requirements, we'll sort them out for you!
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Hours Building - with a difference

Are you in between your PPL(H) and your CPL (H)? Are you in the "no-mans land" of low houred PPL(H) who hasn't got the experience to get the confidence nor the confidence to get experienced? Why not get the most of the hours you have to fly by renting one of our Robinson R22 helicopters?
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