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Copter Covers

Fly-Q is delighted to announce that we have become an official distributor for Copter Covers, manufactured by Air Covers Ltd.

Air Covers Ltd


Air Covers Ltd is a company that specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke fabric products. The No.1 product is a tailored fabric helicopter cover that has become the chosen cover for expeditions, exploration companies, military supply and private owners.

At Air Covers they define Quality as a product that meets the customer's performance, schedule and cost requirements. Experts in design, modeling and performance fabrics, they work with customers and suppliers who share their commitment to quality.


The Copter Cover is designed to look great as well as providing the best protective covering you can buy. Hand patterned and digitally modeled, the designs are like no other. Easily and quickly fitted by one person in poor weather, the covers can be used for year-round outside protection as dust and as dust and grease covers for covered hangar storage.

You want your aircraft protected in the worst of weathers by a cover that fits so closely there is no danger of fabric flogging and of course it must look good. These covers are superbly detailed and come in a hard-wearing lightweight bag that can be compressed to fit in almost any storage area of the helicopter.

In partnership with Air Covers Ltd, we create the ultimate in protective covers. Their background in fabric design and aviation means they know how important it is to keep the weight and space demands of payload to a minimum.


Copter Covers come in two standard ranges and a bespoke option for specialised requirements. The two standard ranges are both designed to be packed away in the aircraft.

Using a full R44 hull cover (nose to tail boom) as a comparative size:
- Helitourer: 2kgs or 4lbs 8oz
- Supermarine: less than 1kg or 2lbs


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helimover helimover

The Sales Bit

To our knowledge this is the lightest cover in the world. It has exceptional tensile strength and a strong resistance to UV.

So if you want to help reduce wear and tear damage to your helicopter when it's outside, invest in a Copter Cover.

For free delivery in the UK and a demonstration of how to use it on your own helicopter, contact us now: