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The "Helimover"

Fly-Q is delighted to announce that we have become an official distributor for the Helimover.


The Helimover is a purpose-built tug for Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters, which provides a simple and economic means of ground handling for Robinson helicopter owners.

The Cost Benefit

The Helimover costs £2,650, which is just under £1,000 cheaper than the equivalent Robinson model and over £4,000 cheaper than the course of treatment you will need at an Osteopath as a result of trying to impress your friends and push the R44 back into the hangar!

The Technical Bit

It employs a hand-operated latched lever lift, which, through a jack-mounted locking socket, engages the Robinson tow-cart attachment.

Traction is provided by a 24V DC motor, through a reduction gearbox, chain and gear drive, to the drive wheels. The sealed lead acid battery are of the latest technology, with exceptional power and life characteristics. An integral intelligent battery charger recharges them.

Forward/reverse direction and speed are controlled by a thumb-operated "wig wag" throttle, mounted on the handle.

For safety, there is also an override speed limiter.

Solid state electronics provide maximum torque at low speeds and on inclines. Battery condition and diagnostic LED display provides the user with performance information.

With 100 lbs/ft of torque to the driver wheels, there is more than enough power to remove a fully fueled R44 with ease; even on inclines!

Full technical specification is available by clicking here.


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helimover helimover

The Sales Bit

So if you want to reduce your Osteopathy fees, buy a Helimover. It's also very good at moving helicopters apparently.

For free delivery in the UK and a demonstration of how to use it on your own helicopter, contact us now: